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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1951. The present-day Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the major successors of the Machine Engineering Faculty with the State Polytechnic set up back in 1945.

The faculty has six departments: “Automation of Discrete Manufacturing”, “Logistics Engineering and Handling and Construction Machinery”, “Engineering Design”, “Precision Mechanical and Device Engineering”,

“Basic Methods and Techniques of Engineering Design”, “Machine Elements and Non-Metal Constructions”.

In the faculty there are four specialties of the bachelor's degree: Specialty in Mechanical Engineering, Specialty in Mechatronics, Specialty in Engineering Design, Specialty in Logistics Engineering. 

There are state-of-art laboratories and facilities in developing students' hands-on knowledge, such as: equipment for measuring geometrical and physical and mechanical quantities optic, precise mechanical and micromechanical equipment; automatic production lines and robots, as well as computer labs for automated design; integrated production complex system; laboratory in engineering logistics and technology; laboratories for design engineering.

Master's Degree Courses